Friday, October 14, 2011

This is NOT a fashion blog

Seems like every second blog you click on features barely-there models, who look like they are being swallowed by their [avante garde *insert strong french accent here*] clothing. this blog is not about that, I appreciate fashion but i definitely don't swallow up everything they throw at us and act like my life depends on it. Fashion is art and it's beautiful but it is also crazy. The polyvore looks I've added below probably won't rock the fashion/ stylist industry but i love them because of that. simple clothing you can wear, simple wool knits or lace that isn't dramatic. So i will not be updating about the latest must-have-or-jump-over-a-bridge-and-kill-yourself item; instead i will feature what i think is practical from the crazy (on occasion, as I said I do not intend on turning this into every hungry fashionistas heaven)

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