Friday, October 28, 2011

What's so funny God??!

So i was wondering a couple of years ago when i was just randomly day dreaming: What makes God laugh. We are so used to the idea of a "strict" God who is always serious. We usually turn to God when reality sinks and we have nobody else to turn to who will truly understand our careless and stupid mistakes. So it's safe to say that the majority of "liberal" Christian/ Jews/ hindus etc  turn to God when the situation is definitely not fun or funny! He gave us a sense of humour so surely He must have one too. This topic is a bit tricky because I feel like I'm a couple of words short of blaspheming or being offensive so i will try keep this as respectful as possible. Does God laugh when someone falls or a joke is really really funny? I'm sure he laughs at the things we laugh at, I really get so happy at the thought of a happy laughing God. well i know i absolutely cannot wait to ask God: in the hundreds of thousands of years of estimated human existence what has made You LMAORF (laugh my ass off rolling on the floor".

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