Friday, November 11, 2011

are 21st century women being gold diggers?

So i was just going through different blogs and I came across this post about how the modern woman should be independent and not rely on any guy but must still "know her place". Now i won't even attempt to try and tackle the topic of a woman "knowing her place" I will however speak bout the modern woman not being dependent on a man. I get easily annoyed when men are quick to say that 21st century women must stop being "gold diggers", "buy their own drinks at the club" and learn to be independent. I agree get your own, work extremely hard and be your own success. never waste your potential for a man. BUT, I will not accept the title of gold digger for expecting to be wooed and to be taken out, and accepting an occasional drink at the club. Modern take on old tradition, the guy has always been the provider. Now I'm not saying blow you salary on bottles at the club but pride yourself in being that man that offers to pay even though  I decline, in wanting to be a provider for your family.  I just feel as if guys want an excuse to not court females but still get the benefits of a relationship. at the end of the day you aren't giving us a kidney you are just paying for a meal. If a guy is quick to call girls gold diggers for a dinner date he definitely does not deserve a decent girl.  

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