Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kony's famous, now what?

so we got kony famous, and people tweeted and got angry and they reposted videos on facebook. Lets go back to tweeting and facebooking about that expensive shoe we just bought, or how drunk we were last night, because we have done our bit right? My sarcasm here isn't suggesting that everybody must stop living comfortably and we must give up our jobs as to protest against such a harsh injustice but it's really from how disappointed i am by how fickle society is. from the beginning i didn't want to entertain the campaign because despite it's great intention, it really was ignoring the real core of the matter. So often we are so busy placing blame that we forget to actually fix a problem. Kony has been convicted, he has fled and he is in hiding. Making him famous isn't going to change his fate, since he has already been "dealt" with. instead of making him famous why don't we focus on the real problem like actual plans to help save and prevent child soldiers. An angry tweet made him famous but has it helped take away that rifle from those tiny 7 year old hands?

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