Monday, October 24, 2011

Act like a lady

 My classic definition of a "lady"  is that female every girl looks act and wonders "how the f*ck does she do it" nails done, hair done errthang did (lol ok i won't attempt to use American slang again) basically she looks perfect, her clothes are appropriate, never swears and you could never imagine her drunk: IMPOSSIBLE.  I have given the modern lady a bit more space to be human: she is proud of herself, conservative and has self respect . I Was sitting watching one of the millions of "fake" reality shows and i was just shocked at some of the behaviour i saw. These shows are entertaining but will sometimes leave you with the question: "what in the world is happening to society".  I look at the "modern lady" with a sort of proud awe, I appreciate being in the presence of a lady; that girl that just makes you want to do better. In a world where sex sells and being wild and having a misdirected moral compass serves you well on the social ladder it is refreshing to see someone who is proud to be conservative and reserved. So this is me crossing every possible crossable part of my body hoping that ladies are not an endangered species, that they will not soon become extinct. This is me begging all the ladies to not die out on us

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